Our Dedicated & Talented Team

Different generations and a variety of specialties. 

Meet the real faces and let us start a new game adventure

The senior psychologist in serious leadership games.

Another talented assessment psychologist who easily turns into an actor.

The actor who switches between serious roles & cabaret.

Chief of the student pool.

Video magician.

A lifetime dedicated partner of 4Challenge.

The assessment psychologist participating in gamified assessments.

The chameleon switching between professional trainer and actor.

The brilliant & charming gamemanager.

Data woozle. (reports)

Audio-visual artist. 

Founder of 4Challenge 

The psychologist you also meet in gamified assessments.

The actor you don't want to meet when he is not happy.

The (online) teacher every kid wants.

Spider in the web.

(technical support)

Stylist to make it all a bit more beautiful.



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The Netherlands

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