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Almost 18 years of experience in developing and organizing all kinds of tailor made serious games and I still loving it. Translating the business question or ambition into a unique learning environment with real impact is always a serious challenge.

For the customer, the participant and for us. Creating high quality experience based learning in a safe, challenging and inspiring learning setting is my never ending personal drive.
2019 has been a real game changer for 4Challenge. 
A world full of opportunities, think of:


1) A growing appreciation of the added value of gamification.

2) The new generation used to learn in a gamified way.

3) The tremendous technological possibilities automatically

lifted 4Challenge to the next level. 

Good reasons for us to extend the senior, experienced team with brilliant young colleagues and to develop a brand new, intuitive online platform (Enkonix) to be ready for the years to come!


- Margreet Uyterlinde




4Challenge, making the world a bit wiser and more respectful!

- Margreet Uyterlinde

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