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What if somebody doesn’t want to participate because it is not his/
her style of learning?

Luckily that almost never happens. I can only remember two situations in all those years when participants didn’t want to join our programme. Of course we respect those decisions. In general the participants are very happy to join and love the experience.

What is the average time to develop a game?

It all depends very much on..

  • ..a clear goal defined by you as our customer.

  • ..the complexity of the context in which we have to design the game.

  • ..the possibility to interview relevant stakeholders at an early stage. 

If we receive all important facts and figures in time, we are able to design, develop and organize your game within 2 to 4 weeks.

Is it possible for our MT to be part of the game management?

Sure! We often work together with managers and/or staff members like HR, compliance or financial professionals of the company itself.

They participate in the game -for example- as partner in crime and/or jury.

Although there are also situations in which this is not the best option. For example when it is not safe enough for the participants to be confronted with their managers. 

Is it possible to run the game several times in different countries?

Yes, it's possible. We run all information, assignments, messages, feedback and scores via the brand new 4Challenge interactive platform. We are able to generate reports on team, country and aggregated level.

How much time does it take to complete a game?

Most games take one day. However, it all depends on the goal, the amount of participants and the complexity of the game. The range differs between 2.5 hours and several blocks of 4 hours divided over three months.

Are you able to organize a game during corona?

Of course, although we prefer a hybrid setting, with parts online and parts on location. 

Is it possible to run the game ourselves without interference of 4Challenge?

It is! Since we have a new system, you are able to run the game yourself. After a training session you and your colleagues are able to run the game again and again as game manager, actor or observer.

FAQ Work Process
What is 'Phase 1, Design' exactly?

Phase one is where we set up and analyze the business question with our customer.


Each project deserves special, personalized attention as we don’t like the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, when we shake hands with you, you may expect the most effective and amazing learning challenges tailormade for your company.


These challenges reveal what is hidden in your company like knowledge, patterns, assumptions and prejudices. Supported by a brand new online interactive platform and a dedicated team connecting different generations we will start with the design of the game.


This is when we thoroughly analyze your company. What is going on?

What about ambition? DNA? Worries? Constraints? Threats?

We then define actual themes in relation to the original question and translate this into possible scenarios.

What is 'Phase 2, Develop' exactly?

Phase two is where we define our plan of action and the flow of the game:

Creating hidden agendas, rewarding elements, taping video’s, briefing actors, filling the online 4Challenge platform and making a game manual for partners in crime.

Depending on the type of game it will take several days or a maximum of a few weeks.

We work fast, dedicated and we don’t waste time or money.

What is 'Phase 3, Execution' exactly?

Phase 3 is where the participants play the game!

They will receive the first announcement together with some information or a request for specific action. Because right from the beginning of the game, we are interested in individual- and team performance.

Now the partners in crime take part - online or on the spot, whatever is needed.

Being well prepared, they know where and how they have to challenge the participants.

Then the participants meet online or on location. They enter the simulated story or situation,

with the command to make a difference. Which choices do they make?

How innovative are they? How do they work together? Who is the natural leader? How do they respond to the unexpected twists of the game? Do they integrate their learnings during the next levels? 


What is 'Phase 4, Debriefing & Follow-up' exactly?

Phase 4 is the conclusion of the game.

The dashboard shows changes in scores and feedback during the game to ensure learning by doing while stimulating some healthy competition if needed.

Participants then receive a report with analysis and remarks they can use in daily life!
But the experience itself is strong enough without a report.
And very often we follow up on the experience afterwards several times.

We do this to ensure ongoing learning whether this is online/unexpected/or planned.

What kind of business questions did your clients have and
how did you answer them?


Here are some examples of business questions...

  1. Are we ready for the upcoming project?

  2. Where are the potential new school leaders in our organization?

  3. Do we treat our customers as we promise we do?

  4. How do we integrate working and learning together?

  5. Are we ready to enter the parliament in case we win the elections with high numbers?

  6. How do we keep the attention of our users?

  7. Are we ready to face high impact situations?

  8. How do we improve our working process?


... that have resulted in projects like:

  1. Playing the game before the real project starts.

  2. Are you the new school leader in town?

  3. Improve the customer loyalty index!

  4. Facing hidden challenges at work.

  5. Be prepared for The Hague! Convince with your political antenna.

  6. Embed your service in a successful ‘Netflix serie’. Season after season.

  7. Show leadership, solving a serious crisis in the bank.

  8. Discover the linking pin in the chain process.

What is the added value in choosing the Serious Game?

Participating in a 4Challenge Serious Game creates awareness, eagerness and a positive boost to a certain theme.

A theme or subject which is relevant or even urgent at the time you join the game.

This way the game is always developed especially for you and your colleagues. To be well prepared for changes in the near future, to solve certain dilemmas or perhaps to inspire innovative thinking.

Participating means experiencing the meaning or impact of the theme in depth. There is no escape! Joining the game will make a real impact on you as a participant: Instead of listening to someone talk about the subject or talking with others about it, you are now really involved in it.

You are expected to come into action.

We challenge your decision making, your mindset, your personal impact and your execution power under time pressure.

What is the added value in choosing the Gamified Assessment?

Candidates are invited to a simulated situation, resembling the tasks and responsibilities of the desired position. They are able to experience the new function and to find out if they are the right person for the position. 
In the meantime it is a unique opportunity for the employer to present themselves as a company in terms of company DNA, ambition and challenges. Using their own tailormade gamified assessment, offers incredible possibilities to understand in depth which colleagues are needed now and next year to ensure long lasting success!

What is the added value in choosing Gamified Education?

Students will step into a simulated situation which covers different knowledge areas, think of math, geography, history and economy. To become successful in this gamified situation they have to solve different dilemmas. Each dilemma reflects a level of knowledge they are supposed to master. But there is much more to it than knowledge. 

We challenge them as well. We also test them on their 21th century skills during these kinds of gamified lessons. Not one by one, but according to an integral concept. Each level covers a diversity of 21th century skills. Like dealing with ethical issues requiring independent thinking: testing their flexibility and creative thinking when confronted with unforeseen game changers and offering them different moments to convince the game management with their communicating skills. There is so much more possible nowadays! We have made gamified education one of our top priorities.

What is the added value in choosing Special Events?

A product launch will take place or crisis management tactics have to be tested or new working procedures have to be introduced as a result of legislative changes.

In all cases there is a great need to inform, prepare and warn the majority of the company.

We offer a variety of interactive, dynamic gamified settings to ensure everybody is on board and on the same page at the right time.

4Challenge special events create awareness, ownership and understanding.

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