Gamified assessments

To offer the opportunity to experience the future role

Large scale learning

To accelerate learning within the company like new skills or knowledge

Custom made serious games

To involve and prepare colleagues - for upcoming changes

Standard serious games

To enable our customers to run their own serious game

Ambition and guts

Constructor company BAM had an interesting question

Late 2016 BAM ann 4Challenge started a special coorperation. Read>>...

Top 5 games

We have developed many different games, this is the top 5

  • Xperience the change
  • Leadership Game
  • Accountmanagement Game
  • Gamified assessment
  • Referee Game

Clients quoting

More than 50.000 persons participated in a 4Challenge Serious Game

  • "Discovering our potential leadership talents in a gamified environment, very special"
    Ingrid Cloosterman, Lucas Onderwijs
  • "Trying out in the game creates a basis of mutual trust"
    Bas Goverde, BAM Infra
  • "Working with 4Challenge implies an unexpected approach, a fast learning curve and lots of energy!" Paul Borgers, Abbvie